Injury and Accident Lawyers

Involved in a car accident or injured at work?

  • You need to know that your side of the story will be properly heard and those found responsible are held to account.
  • A successful claim relies on the determination of experienced accident injury lawyers to focus on winning your case.

Our Injury and Accident Lawyers, bring over 25 years full-service experience and a high success rate to many types of accident injury compensation, including:

Our task is to ensure that innocent victims receive nothing less than full justice and compensation for the injury and distress suffered due to wilful wrongdoing or negligence.

A different or unusual type of injury or accident?

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Are you aware of all of your legal rights in Cyprus?

Personal Injury law in Cyprus is generally covered by the Civil Wrongs Law, Cap.148. The legislation mostly follows the principles of English law covering negligence, personal injury and any other harm wrongfully caused by one person to another.

Did you know?

In a Cyprus court, there are TWO categories of damages that may be awarded:

  • General damages – includes bodily harm, emotional and psychological harm, pain, suffering, loss of amenity, damage to private and family life.
  • Special damages – includes loss of earnings, medical expenses and any financial expenses incurred directly as a result of the accident / injury.
What Michael Legal Firm can do for you
  • No Win No Fee service – also known as a Conditional Fee Arrangement (CFA) – eliminates the risk of making an injury accident claim.
  • No upfront fees – or hidden charges.
  • Claim Evaluation – we tell you at the outset if your case can be followed up and will be likely to succeed.
  • Quick paper work – avoids unnecessary procedures which may delay obtaining your rightful compensation.
  • Essential advice and guidance – includes amount of damages to be claimed.
  • Negotiating with insurance companies – to reach an out of Court settlement for minor injuries and traffic accidents.
Injury and Accident Lawyers

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