Slip Trip or Fall

Slip, Trip or Fall

Slips, trips and falls continue to be the most common cause of major injuries to employees in the workplace.

Are you looking to claim for a failure to prevent the risk of a slip, trip or fall?

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Your fall may have caused a minor cut or bruise but it could be more serious.

If you sprained your ankle or fractured a rib you may be off work for a few weeks. But if you injured your head or damaged your back, it’s very likely that you may not be able to return to work for many months.

In some cases, an injury may cause a life-changing disability requiring surgery, long-term care, support and ongoing treatments.

Legal responsibility

Owners, duty holders and others responsible for your health and safety have a legal responsibility to prevent the risk of slip, trip or fall at a:

  • Private business
  • Construction site
  • Public place

You may be employed in an industry with a known high rate of slips and trips and falls, including:

  • Construction
  • Transport and storage
  • Manufacturing
  • Health and social care

Your employer has a duty of care… to ensure the workplace meets health and safety regulations and prevent the risk of an accident. This includes keeping floors and passageways free from obstructions or substances, which may cause you to trip or slip. Where this is not possible, your employer has a duty of care to warn you of the hazard.

Where it can be proved that an employer’s negligence of health and safety procedures has caused you to lose your footing and to fall over, resulting in an avoidable injury, you may decide to pursue a claim.

The difference between a slip, a trip and a fall at work

Slips, trips and falls are each defined by the different way they cause an injury, which is described in an accident at work claim.

Slips – occur when there is insufficient contact friction. This means there is a lack of grip between the underside of the footwear and the walking surface, most often caused by water, oil and other types of liquids.

Trips – are caused when the foot suddenly hits an object in its path and is prevented from moving forward. A stumble or fall results from tripping over an obstruction.

Falls – can result from a slip or trip but can be caused separately. There are two basic types of falls:

  • Same level falls which can be due to cracked, uneven walking surfaces.
  • Falls from heights involving roofs, ladders, scaffolding, towers, moving platforms and safety harnesses.
Preventing slips, trips and falls – what your employer should be doing

An employer is required by law to manage health and safety in the workplace to minimise the risk of an accident causing an injury to all staff, contractors and visitors while on the premises.

Risk assessments

A risk assessment should focus on those areas that may lead to slip or trip injuries and are most likely to cause harm, such as:

  • Contaminated floors
  • Incorrect floor cleaning methods
  • Daily use of worn floor areas, passage ways, stairs, warehouse, loading ramps, delivery bays
  • Specifying correct footwear needed for specific work areas.

Sufficient lighting

Employers have a duty to ensure that there is sufficient lighting, which is safe and does not pose a health risk to employees and others who may use their premises.

Are you off work or no longer able to do your job because of a slip, trip or fall?

We identify the necessary injury compensation you are entitled to receive to ensure the long term financial security for you and your family.

Your compensation can include:

  • Payment for the pain and suffering caused by your injury.
  • Any financial losses you’ve incurred already, such as lost wages, travel and medical expenses.
  • Any expenses you may need in the future.
Slip Trip or Fall
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