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Cyprus Residence

Temporary Residence permits (Pink Slip)

Non-EU citizens – who wish to stay in Cyprus over the long-term should obtain special temporary
permits, known as a “Pink Slip”, which contains your biometric data.

You are allowed to enter and leave Cyprus within 180 days from first day of entry, but your period of stay is a maximum of 90 days. To extend your temporary residence permit you are legally required to apply at least one month in advance before expiry date.

Permanent Residence permits (Yellow Slip)

EU citizens – who live and work in Cyprus must by law apply for a residence permit, known as a “Yellow Slip”. This permit does not expire and is valid indefinitely.

A residence permit, whether temporary or permanent grants permission to stay, but not to work in Cyprus.

Cyprus Citizenship

Citizenship by Investment
The Investment Citizenship Programme offers a fast-track procedure to obtain Cypriot citizenship. All non-EU nationals are eligible to apply to the programme.

Non-EU citizens who invest in the economy of Cyprus can fast-track their access to obtaining Cyprus and European citizenship.
The EU Citizenship By Investment programme requires you to carry out the following:

  • PropertyA minimum investment of €2 million (plus VAT where applicable).
  • The investment to be kept for a minimum of 3 years before the assets can be sold.

No Prior Residency Needed – You do not require to be a resident of Cyprus either before, during or after approval of your citizenship application.

Dual Citizenship – No requirement to renounce previous nationality. Citizenship automatically granted to children under 18. Obtaining citizenship in Cyprus is also not reported to other countries.

Valid For Life – Citizenship automatically passes to your future family.

Standard Cyprus citizenship

Standard applications for Cypriot citizenship are by:

  • Naturalization – you have to be resident in Cyprus for a period of 7 consecutive years or are a child/parent of a Cypriot citizen permanently resident in Cyprus for 5 consecutive years.
    You may not leave Cyprus one year before application for citizenship.
  • Marriage – with a citizen of Cyprus, living together in registered marriage for 3 years before eligibility to apply for citizenship.
Cyprus short-stay visa

Documents required to apply for a short stay visa include:
• Full national passport valid for at least three months longer than the valid period of the
visa application.
• The visa for the return country must be valid for at least three months beyond the
period of intended stay.
• Return travel tickets with fixed dates, which should not be purchased before issue of
• Prior Hotel Reservation forwarded by Hotel Manager.
• Business – an official letter of invitation from a Cyprus business / company.
• Family – a letter of invitation from friends or family with full contact details.
• Evidence of sufficient funds to cover the cost of the intended stay in Cyprus

Work Permits

Applications for the issue of work permits are submitted to the Civil Registry and Migration Department by the intended employer on condition that the applicants are from abroad.

The applications should be accompanied by a work contract stamped by the Department of Labour of the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance.

Documents required by EU nationals will include:
• Application on forms M.58 and M.64
• Photocopy of passport
• Clean criminal record certificate
• Medical certificates
• Bank letter of Guarantee valid for six months after expiry of work contract

Cyprus Immigration Permits

There are SIX categories of Cyprus Immigration Permits which can be granted. Most
applicants come under the category:
• For those who possess a secured annual income, such as a retired person or of
pensionable age.
There is no requirement to engage in any business, trade or profession. A minimum annual
income required for a single applicant and for each dependent.
The remaining five categories are as follows:
• For applications to those who have been offered permanent employment.
• For applications to work as self-employed in:
Trade or Profession: Minimum requirement of relative permit and disposal capital.
Scientific of Academic Profession: Minimum requirement of adequate funds.
Agriculture, cattle, bird or fish breeding: Minimum requirement of adequate land or a permit and
disposal capital.
Mining: Minimum requirement of relative permit and disposal capital.

Immigration Permit Reg. 6(2)

Under Reg. 6(2) of the Aliens and Immigration Regulations of 1972, a fast track procedure for acquiring
an Immigration Permit in Cyprus requires the following:
• Proof with application that a minimum of €30.000 (thirty thousand euro) has been deposited in an
account at a bank in Cyprus for a period of at least three years.
• Proof of a secured annual income of at least €30.000 which is increased by €5.000 for each

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Cyprus Immigration
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