Medical Negligence Lawyers

Clinical/Medical Negligence

Have you or your loved ones been affected by clinical / medical negligence?

Our Medical Negligence lawyers bring 25 years of experience in resolving many different types of Clinical/Medical Negligence cases.

We can help you achieve redress for injury or harm you have suffered because of negligence by a:

  • Doctor
  • Dentist
  • Nurse
  • Midwife
  • Anaesthetist
  • Another health practitioner
Obtain the answers and receive the justice you deserve

We are committed to ensuring you will obtain the answers and receive the justice you deserve, which could also prevent others from suffering in a similar way.

If you or a member of your family believe you have received a healthcare diagnosis or treatment that led to physical or psychological harm, the first questions you probably asked were, “Why was this allowed to happen to me?” and “What went wrong?

Seeking answers for when something goes wrong requires:
  • Specialist knowledge of the medical and legal issues.
  • Sympathetic and sensitive understanding of how everyone involved is affected.
In Cyprus law, the Civil Offences Act (Chapter 148) covers general negligence of any person training or practising in medicine, level of competence and breaches in their statutory duty of due diligence to be provided to the patient. Our Medical Negligence Lawyers will fight for you no matter the case.
The Most Common Types of Clinical / Medical Negligence are:
  • A delay or failure to diagnose or treat a condition
  • Inappropriate treatment
  • Failure to obtain valid consent
Clinical / Medical Misdiagnosis

There are TWO main types of clinical / medical misdiagnosis:

  • Failure to recognise symptoms and /or to diagnose for a specific injury or condition, despite attending consultations / examinations for possible associated health problems.
  • An error of judgement over the cause of a physical injury or condition, or mistakenly diagnosing a condition or illness, which is not present.
Prescription Errors

Prescription or medication errors include those involving incorrect drugs, dosage or patient allergies / reactions between multiple medicines, pills and other treatment types. While many of the errors may only have short term effects, some do result in serious or even fatal injury either through use of the wrong drug/dose or from a delay in receiving the required treatment.

Time limit for making a claim

A claim for clinical negligence must start within THREE years from:

  • The date of your injury, or
  • The date when you first discovered your injury was the result of an action you now believe was negligent.
How our Medical Negligence Lawyers can help you

As an experienced injury law firm, we know that you need to find out why your GP or a hospital doctor failed you or a family member in their duty to provide the expected standard of care and treatment.

Our task is to ensure:

  • Your case is heard
  • Bring those responsible to account for the harm and suffering caused.
  • Compensation is made to ensure future medical treatment and care needs are properly met.
Medical Negligence Lawyers
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