Citizenship by Investment

Cyprus Citizenship by Investment is your Golden Visa to a European Passport!

Since March 2014, Cyprus became the easiest country to get citizenship by investment. Your passport is issued in just 6 months, which means no limits on your right to:

  • Live, work, own and run a business
  • Travel and study anywhere in the EU

Your Cyprus passport is not a residence permit or a visa, but full citizenship of a EU-member state, which is granted to:

  • You
  • Your Spouse
  • All your financially dependent children up to the age of 28
  • Your parents – subject to ownership of a residence with a minimum value of € 500,000 plus VAT*

“Cyprus Citizenship by Investment” is the FASTEST WAY in the EU to obtain a European Passport and Citizenship!

ONLY 3 MONTHS to be approved plus 3 MONTHS to actual passport!

EU Citizenship – How To Obtain Your Cyprus Passport

Your route to EU Citizenship could not be more clear, easy and straightforward. Non-EU citizens who invest in the economy of Cyprus can fast-track their access to obtaining Cyprus and European citizenship.

The EU Citizenship By Investment programme simply requires you to carry out the following:

  • A minimum investment of €2 million (plus VAT where applicable).
  • The investment to be kept for a minimum of 3 years before the assets can be sold.

The law requires the mandatory purchase of a permanent, personal property maintained by each investor with a minimum value of €500,000, except where investment is made in residential property/properties valued at €2 million.

What are the investment options?

There is a wide choice of opportunities to invest in a combination of the following options:

  • Property – Residential or Commercial, Single or Portfolio acquisitions.
  • Cypriot businesses, organisations, development projects – via purchase, creation or participation, including Investment Funds and Financial Assets.
  • Government bonds – maximum €500.000. The balance €1.5 million must be invested in other
Less Barriers – More Benefits

The unique Cyprus investment programme is unavailable anywhere else in the European Union. The added benefits to you, your family, business and financial future are also unparalleled.

For you…
  • Open Door Policy – All non EU nationals are eligible to apply to the programme.
  • Dual Citizenship – No requirement to renounce previous nationality. Citizenship automatically granted to children under 18. Obtaining citizenship in Cyprus is also not reported to other countries.
  • Visa–Free Travel Worldwide to 157 countries – including all European Union countries.
  • No Prior Residency Needed – You do not require to be a resident of Cyprus either before, during or after approval of your citizenship application.
  • Valid For Life – Citizenship automatically passes to your future family.
Your tax liability…
  • No Double Taxation in Cyprus – access to financial confidentiality and international tax planning tools for Cyprus passport holders.
  • No Dividend Tax – on income from outside Cyprus for non-domiciled tax residents.
  • No Inheritance Tax – and one of the lowest rate of corporate income tax in Europe.
Your citizen credentials…
  • No Language Proficiency or Cyprus History Tests.
  • Numerous Education Opportunities – at European universities with lower tuition fees.
  • Right To Vote – All European Citizens have the right to vote and stand for European Parliament Elections.

How Michael Legal Firm will help you every step of the way

As Cyprus lawyers with 25 years specialist experience, Michael Legal Firm offers a complete service approach to all applications to the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment programme, from the very start of the process until you receive your passport.

Our first step… to help you qualify for receiving the Cyprus Citizenship is to apply for a residence permit, which will be issued simultaneously as your application for Citizenship, and is a formal  EU regulation. You are not required to be resident in Cyprus.

At the same time… we will help you to find properties, identify all potentially suitable investments and handle all the legal requirements of the buying process, including monitoring of your ongoing citizenship application. All regulations are adhered to with no unnecessary paper work or other procedures involved which may delay the issue of your passport.

While the procedure for obtaining Cypriot citizenship is relatively straightforward, it is important to be aware of the extremely high level of detail and structuring involved in the investment process itself. Michael Legal Firm brings 25 years experience in international and specialist local knowledge and know- how to ensure you obtain your passport and Cyprus citizenship within the 6 month timeline.

Citizenship by Investment
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