Employment Contract

Employment Contracts

If you have lost your job, you may have grounds to sue your employer for breach of contract. You may encounter your first hurdle when checking through your employment contract, which is likely to contain legal jargon and is set out in language that can be difficult to understand.

The minimum requirement of an employment contract is to confirm the names of the employer and employee, job title and description, salary, place and hours of work, employment start date and holiday entitlements.

An employer is obliged to bring all the information details about the employment contract to the employee’s attention within one month from the commencement of employment, which can be delivered by employment contract or by letter of appointment.

Under Cypriot Employment Law, an employment contract can be temporary or permanent, and a clear distinction should be made between an employment contract for service and a contract for  multiple services.

However, there can also be important provisions not included, which can lead to further problems, if a dispute arises over terms of employment.

Michael Legal Firm can provide expert advice in many of the most common issues, such as:

  • Use of an oral ‘spoken’ agreement to commence employment.
  • When an employer wishes to end the contract before a specified end date.
  • Use of a contract, which allows employment “up to” the end date specified in the contract.
Employment Contract
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