Conflict in the Workplace

Workplace Disputes

Conflict in the workplace can be caused by a sudden breach in employer / employee relations, but in a number of cases the situation has been allowed to deteriorate over a prolonged period of time. However, the limitation period for filing a complaint under Cyprus employment law is 12 months.

Under the Labour Relations Code, a resolution may be brought about by a process, which follows the three basic stages in the settlement of complaints over rights disputes, i.e. direct negotiation, mediation (Department of Labour relations), or if all else fails, arbitration / public enquiry.

Michael Legal Firm has been asked to act on behalf of individuals who seek to resolve disputes over employee rights arising from an interpretation or implementation of existing collective agreements, which often includes personal complaints submitted to an employer.

Our 25 years of specialist knowledge and experience can also be critical in acting on behalf of clients with conflicts of interest that arise during the negotiation or renewal of collective agreements.

Conflict in the Workplace
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