Probate in Cyprus

Grand of Probate

Authorising an Executor (or Executors) to manage the Estate of the deceased

Grant of Probate in Cyprus is a legal document issued by the Courts … which authorises an Executor (or Executors) to manage the estate of the deceased, according to the provisions of their Will.

The responsibility of the Executor(s) is to… collect the assets of the deceased and allocate them to those individuals named as beneficiaries in the Will. They are also responsible for paying any debts before distributing the assets to the beneficiaries, and therefore, the value of all assets and the amount of all liabilities must be determined in advance.

If an Executor is not a resident of Cyprus then the Court may appoint its own Executor to manage the estate.

Certificate of Heirs

A document known as a ‘Certificate of Heirs’ determines the heirs of the deceased, which must be obtained from the town or village in which the person died. The application for Probate is attached to the Will, and submitted to the Tax Office to approve the issue of a Grant of Probate.

What Michael Legal Firm can do for you

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Probate in Cyprus
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