Employee Benefits

Pensions & Benefits

Your employer is responsible for ensuring your registration under the Cyprus Social Insurance Scheme and to pay your contribution in order to receive your employee benefits, which is deducted from your gross wages.

The scheme provides for a range of benefits including, Sickness Benefit, Employment Injury Benefit, Unemployment Benefit, Maternity Allowance, Old Age Pension and Invalidity Pension.

Each benefit has a limited period of time by which you must submit your application for a claim.

Matters relating to the Social Insurance Scheme in Cyprus can be complex and time consuming, and in some cases, can be extremely challenging to obtain the outcome you believe is your lawful entitlement.

For over 25 years, Michael Legal Firm has helped bring a successful resolution in cases relating to delayed, missing or incorrect payments, or administration errors, mistakes and discrepancies caused by one or more previous employers or at the Minister of Labour and Social Security.

Employee Benefits
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